Sajida AL Bashir

Head of Arabic and Islamic Education-Royal Grammar GuildFord Dubai

My name is Sajida AL Bashir, I am a member of the founder senior leadership team and Head of
Arabic and Islamic Education at Royal Grammar Guildford School in Dubai. I hold a Master of
Education from the American University in Dubai class 2019 with Professional Teaching Certificate
from AUD and holds a Bachelor of Islamic Law from the University of Jordan class 1996. I have been
a leader and a teacher for the last 24 years, most of my experience is in leading Arabic, Islamic and
Social Studies departments. I had the privilege to teach many subjects such as Arabic, Islamic
Education, Social Studies and PSHCE in American, British and IB schools here in Dubai.
I am a mother of four amazing kids, where I choose to educate my children is particularly important;
as an educator, I am a custodian and must take on this responsibility with great care. I am truly
privileged to be able to make a difference in the lives of the young people I encounter daily. I believe
every interaction and every conversation makes a difference. It is this that drives what I do and build relationships that foster trust, confidence, and hope for the future.

My Sessions