Rania Nasr

Managing Director- Risalla El Ghad Consulting and Training

I moved to Dubai in 2006 where I started as an Islamic Education teacher and quickly moved on to become Head of the Islamic Education Department. My extensive experience and attention to student needs have allowed me to achieve tremendous success in this subject area. Through my ability to bridge the gap between Western teaching methodologies and Eastern culture, I immediately developed a passion for the improvement of teaching and learning Arabic and Islamic Education. My work has been recognized throughout international schools across the UAE as having improved the quality of teaching in Islamic Education and positively impacted student learning.

While employed as a full-time teacher and head of department, I developed a series of teaching tools and games that have significantly increased the level of student engagement and motivation within my classroom. I was then invited to conduct a training session within the GEMS Education Network for teachers of Islamic Education. This finally led me to venture off on my own in order to create a program that will facilitate the teaching and learning of both Arabic and Islamic Education in the region.

My Sessions