Matt Koster Marcon

Chief Executive Officer-Learning ladders

Matt Koster-Marcon is the Founding CEO of Learning Ladders Education – the next generation TLP (Teaching and Learning Platform) built specifically for Primary schools, and recently voted the ‘Best Whole School Aid for Learning, Teaching and Assessment’ at the global BETT Awards.

Matt is also the Chair of EdTech at the British Educational Suppliers Association (BESA), co-founder of the EdTech Evidence Group which brings together leading EdTech companies committed to proving impact. He has 2 young children and lives in London.

When Matt was a teacher in inner-London Primary Schools he started publishing tutorials online for parents of the children in his class, each explaining what had been taught and exactly how to help at home.

Children’s progress was exceptional, parents were encouraging and involved, and this was the case across the whole parent community including those previously labelled ‘hard to reach’.

So Matt left teaching, remortgaged his house to fund recruiting a team of teachers to write short ‘teacher tips’ style tutorials, breaking down the whole primary curriculum and explaining to parents exactly how to support learning at home for each part. This has now evolved into the Learning Ladders Parent Portal.

At the same time, schools in England were adjusting to ‘Life after Levels’ and the curriculum design & formative assessment tool of Learning Ladders was born, winning a UK Department for Education ‘Assessment Innovation’ Award.

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