Massrat Shaikh

Educational Psychologist-Al Ahlam Training and Higher Education Services

I am an Educational Psychologist with expertise in the area of special needs education. I have worked at Al Ahlam Training and Higher Education Services in Oman for more than ten years, and I am a consultant to most of the schools in Oman. To bring transformation to our education system, I advocate for the education of SEN learners. Supporting SEN students learning and social-emotional growth is the aim of my work. I am a provider for learning solutions, and I focus on bringing together EdTech solutions for special needs learners. I believe EdTech intervention can transform the way children learn. As an educator and leader for Social-Emotional Learning, I integrate educational technology with social-emotional learning goals to achieve the best learning outcomes for SEN learners. I am also a career guidance counsellor, and I specialize in identifying SEN students’ interests and areas for vocational training and higher education options.

Edtech – The Route to Equality for Special Needs Learners