Dr Terence Brady

Innovative Curriculum Development Lead

Terence Brady joined Misk Schools in August 2019 as Principal and Misk Innovative Curriculum Development Lead. He is an experienced teacher who brings extensive middle and senior school leadership expertise to his role. Terence is a specialist in ‘Inclusion’ and ‘Inclusive’ educational practices.

Terence has worked in several parts of the world including, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Italy, the United States, China, Africa and the Middle East. He holds graduate and postgraduate degrees in Education, Humanities and School Management.

As a Research Scholar/ Fellow with the Farmington Institute, Harris Manchester College, University of Oxford, Terence focuses on a number of specialist research areas including educational review, curriculum studies and learner-centred pedagogies. His work in the area of Universal Design for Learning was the focus of his TED Talk in 2017. It also informed and inspired his approach when building a new conflict resolution curriculum for the Department of Education in Northern Ireland.

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