Aryeah Mohasses

Founder and CEO-Minerva Education Business Solutions

Aryeah is a global education commercial leader with over 14 years of regional experience in empowering schools to deliver the best possible education outcomes through providing central commercial and strategic support. Aryeah is the founding CEO of Minerva, an education business consultancy, providing advisory solutions to investors who want to establish new schools in the region as well as operational guidance to help turn around existing operating schools to ensure they achieve their ambitions.

Prior to founding Minerva, Aryeah served as the Executive Director of Strategy and Innovation for Aldar Education and played an instrumental role in shaping the company’s growth strategy, establishing its position as an Innovation and EdTech leader, and leading on all new school growth and integration projects.

Prior to joining Aldar Education, Aryeah had served as the Vice President of Commercial Operations at GEMS Education, where he was responsible for developing commercial engagements, driving operational M&A integration initiatives, and deploying global strategic sourcing activities across large, complex, multi-site school projects.

Aryeah earned his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Texas A&M University and his Honours Bachelor of Science (H.Bsc) in Economics and Statistics from the University of Toronto.

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